Saturday, February 12, 2011

Douchebag of the Week: Joe Lizura

Joe Lizura is not a household name, but he definitely deserves this week's award!

Lizura has been a staple in the San Diego media for many years, as a weatherman for a few local stations.  The guy has been around since I was a child, and seemingly hasn't aged over the last fifteen years.  He had it all:  A successful television career on the highest rated morning show in San Diego.  Then he decided to blow it, literally.

Lizura recently pleaded guilty to a lewd act, when he allegedly masturbated in a window of a Spanish television studio.  The incident was witnessed by a few young woman, including the one that identified him in a lineup.  The "victim" said that while she was waiting for a bus, she saw Lizura standing in a window, fully clothed, with his weatherstick firmly in hand.  The woman, who is in her 20's, said that Lizura was looking at her while going to town on himself.

When Lizura was questioned by the police, he told them that he was adjusting the blinds.  Hmm, that's a new name for it.

Lizura was initially charged with a felony of indecent exposure, but he plead guilty to a lesser charge, to avoid jail time.  He pays a $200 fine, and must attend counseling.

I really do not understand what the hell was going through this clown's head.  He has a very successful career, and seemed to be well-liked in this town.  Then you masturbate in a public window?  I mean we all do it, but couldn't you look at some porn, or just like that this alleged girl through the blinds?  It is one thing when your a random creep, but you are a public figure, and a pseudo-celebrity.

The funniest part of the story, are the idiots on the UT board actually defending this douche.  When you plead guilty, you admit wrongdoing.  If I'm accused of beating it in a window, and I didn't do it, I'm fighting the allegations all the way.  The dude is a creepy scumbag from whatever angle you look at it from.

Joe, the world may have you down on your luck, but you're the newest Douchebag of the Week!


  1. Check out the comments on the 10 News article - because they don't require logins, there are a bunch of people giving details on previous incidents, including the one that caused his dismissal from 7/39 a few years back.

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  2. Agree. This guy had been scamming for many years plying his good guy image while doing back room deals, under the table money for charity appearances, hitting interns and generally "adjusting the blinds" throughout his career. Wouldn't know how to spell, let alone the meaning of, integrity. Latest in a long line of public figures in SD and elsewhere who think honor and integrity are sucker bets in professional and personal life. Once in a while justice is done. Should happen more often!