Monday, February 14, 2011

Kevin Says Podcast Returns This Week!

After a little two month hiatus, the Kevin Says Podcast returns Thursday at 6:00PM Eastern, and 3:00PM Pacific.  The format will be a little different, but I'm hoping to continue to being opinions on all things you see here, like sports, movies and all the like.

The site that hosts the content., decided to make changes to their free accounts.  I can only do a half-hour show now, since that is allthat I can do with a free account.  Since many people have listened, (500 listens over 9 shows is a lot to me)but not many called in, the program won't feature a lot of calls.  What I intend to do is talk about the world around us, and open up the phones in the last few minutes for reaction.  I can sit here and complain about only getting a half-hour, but when something is free, can you really complain?

The account to do more than a half-hour show is $40 a month, which just simply isn't in my budget.  So, thank those of you who have checked out this blog, and the podcast.  I hope to continue my slow domination into the media world.  Be there Thursday, at!  See ya there, everyone!

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