Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random Thoughts: Bad Experience at Best Buy

I probably spend more of my money at Best Buy, than any other retailer.  Usually when I go in to the store, I make smaller purchases, like movies, games, music, and I bought my laptop there last year.  In general, I avoid dealing with the salespeople as much as possible, since I too work in retail, and I already have a good idea of what I want to buy.  However, i decided to splurge, and purchase a new stereo for my car.  The one that I had in my car was about four years old, and didn't have an auxiliary port to plug in an Ipod.  Clearly, it was time for an upgrade.

When you walk into the car audio department, it is almost impossible to get someone to help.  Oh, and good luck finding someone from another part of the store, because they are absolutely clueless.  Finally, after about 20 minutes of pacing back and forth in the department, I finally received some help.  I had made my decision on which stereo I would like to purchase, and it was time to get it installed.  The guy rang me up, and handed my new stereo to the installation guy, who was going to throw it in.  It cost $49.99 to install, which I figured was a wise investment, since I have no concept on how to install car audio.

After waiting around for an hour, the guy said that everything was ready to go, and I could take off.  I was pretty stoked, I finally had a decent stereo, and not an outdated piece of crap.  All was well with the world, or so I thought.

As I drove away, I started to fiddle with the radio, and I realized that something wasn't right.  The stereo I wanted was blue, and had a USB port in the front, this one was strictly an MP3 stereo.  The jackass associate gave the wrong stereo to the installer, and thus, the wrong stereo was installed.

Naturally, I was quite annoyed, but not really pissed.  I figured it was a simple mistake, and it would be fixed, and the only thing that it would take was a little more time.  As I walked back the department, to explain my little stereo fiasco, I meet the department manager.  I explain to him, that I wanted stereo A, and you guys gave me stereo B, can I please have the stereo I wanted in the first place.

The manager proceeds to tell me that the stereo that was in my car by mistake, was better, and that I could run a wire into my glove box, and it would work better.  Of course, I told him that I understood that, and that I would like the stereo in which I originally requested.  Again, he attempts to get me to keep the wrong stereo, despite my objections.

After he finished speaking, I looked at him like I was a murderous demon.  I gazed in his eyes, and clearly intimidated him, which being the slightly chubby geek that I am, was so surprising.  It actually felt quite empowering to see the look of fear in a mans eye, and knowing I put it there, took away some of the frustration that I was feeling.

Finally, after four hours spent within the walls of the nation's largest electronics retailer, I was ready to bail, and not come back.  I know a few people who work for Best Buy, and they are smart, knowledgeable people.  However, the vast majority, are quite rude, and stupid.  How the hell does someone install the wrong stereo?  Then the manager tries to talk me in to keeping the product I don't want?  Suffice to say, it will be a long time before I buy something in that store.  Oh well, I guess I can always shop at Circuit City, or Good Guys.  Oh, wait.


  1. BEST BUY the worse company ever, bought a new dell laptop had it 4 months and the fuse pack in the power brick, changed the fuse and laptop was not accepting the power brick, took it back to the store where geek squad had a look and said it was the power brick, they sent it to dell and then i got a phone call saying I had damaged the DC socket, it was fine when i handed it over to be sent back, they tried to make me pay £110 gbp to have it repaired, when Best buy or Dell had broke it. Best buy would not help they do not care that it's not my fault, so anyone thinking over buying from best buy DON'T your warranty is worth nothing and best buy will take your money then if anything goes wrong your on your own. In the end i am going to repair the problem that best buy or dell did for £3.49 (they wanted to charge £110 for the part) Rip off and best buy is crap

  2. I purchased a refurbished laptop there, upon getting it home, I noticed some dead pixels in the screen. they were only noticeable on a white background so I didnt see them before. took it back, they sent it to HP for repair, and HP said they wouldnt fix it because it was physical damage. naturally I wanted my money back, but they are flat out refusing to refund, exchange, anything, even though the damage obviously happened IN THIER STORE. (it was a display model.) I'm about to open a small claims case on this, what else am I supposed to do.

    the above poster is correct, your warranty is useless they will find a way to not honour it. never buy computers there, especially displays!