Sunday, March 6, 2011

Awesome(and not so awesome) Baseball Promotions in 2011

Everyone wants something for free in these tough times.  For some of us baseball fans, going out to see our favorite team play is an experience in itself.  Give me a hot dog, soda, and put me at a ballpark, and I am in heaven.  For our other, less enthusiastic fans, ballclubs develop a bevy of promotions to get fans to the yard.  Some of the promotions are really great(I love bobbleheads) and some are pretty awful.  Here are some really great items to be had, and others that would keep me at home.

Bobbleheads:  Bobbleheads are always a huge hit with the crowds.  It is basically a doll, but with the giant head, of course.  I was really excited to get my hands on a Clayton Richard bobblehead last season, and will try to do the same for the ones offered this year.  Some of the notable ones offered this year include:  Zack Grienke, Mat Latos, Clayton Kershaw, Jose Batista, Brian Matsuz, and Joey Votto among others.

Figurines:  These are essentially bobbleheads, although they remind me more of the Starting Lineup action figures I used to collect as a child.  The Tigers are offering a really cool one of Austin Jackson making an unbeliveable catch.  The Tigers are also having a Star Wars night, an an attempt to woo nerds out to the ballpark.  I'm a little surprised they aren't having inhaler night.

Promo's for the Ladies:  Some women would rather be murdered than attend a ballgame, but a few teams have special gifts, just for you ladies.  The Royals are giving away special Mother's Day sunhats, and a few other teams are giving away handbags.  Now only if they can do something about the talking during the game.

Old Fashioned Doubleheader:  I remember hearing stories of yesteryear, when you could go out to Yankee Stadium, and see a couple of ballgames for the price of one.  Now when teams play doubleheaders, they require separate admission.  However, the A's scheduled a true doubleheader against the Angels.  One ticket, two games.  Sounds pretty freaking sweet to me.

With some of the cool promotions out of the way, lets take a look at some of the crap teams are giving away.  On a positive note, can you really complain if something is free?

MC Hammer Bobblehead:  I already covered bobbleheads earlier, although I felt that this one needed its own category.  They are giving these things away during an 80's night in Oakland.  The guy has been relevant in damn near 20 years.  I'd be more excited for "parachute pants night."

"Faith" Concerts:  There are a slew of free concerts on tap at the ballyards this year.  San Diego has some country yokel named Dierks Bentley, Pittsburgh has Train and Huey Lewis and the news, and Darius Rucker will be entertaining near you.  However, the Reds are reaching out by offering free concerts featuring Christian rockers MercyMe and some guy named Jeremy Camp.  No, thanks.

Wrestling Masks:  This promotion is happening in Anaheim, of all places.  I couldn't find a picture, but I'm assuming that we have a Lucha Libre mask.  This is definitely a promotion I'd expect to see in Atlanta or Texas.  No word on a folding chair night, yet.

There are some other really cool items being featured, a gumball dispenser for kids, all kinds of t-shirts, and even lunch boxes for kids.  Do yourself a favor and get out to a ballyard, even if its for the free swag!

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