Friday, March 11, 2011

Douchebag of the Week: Jessie Lee

Jessie Lee is a fairly anonymous pornstar, who is featured on the site, which is ran by porn punker Joanna Angel.  She is well-known enough to have about 15,000 followers, on Twitter, including yours truly.(I'm a sucker for tatted chicks.)

I was up rather late last night, as the catastrophe unfolded in Japan, my followers and Twitter friends were talking about the tragedy going on in the Far East.  As the night unfolded, it became more personal, since the West Coast, including my hometown of San Diego, was on a tsunami watch.  The powerful quake, and the subsequent aftershocks, had a ripple effect throughout the world.

Some people tried to crack jokes, or ask questions, some prayed, and some tried to distract themselves with other things.  We all face global tragedy and uncertainty in many different ways.

Our porn punker princess popped off on Twitter with a few different lines, that spewed venom in her direction.

: Why is everyone tweeting me about the earthquake? News flash guys, I don't care.  There's also:  OMGitsJessieLee: Why am I getting such dick responses? Am I supposed to care about the earthquake?

Seems pretty cruel and heartless, right?  Well, it becomes even more messed up when you learn the backstory on our newest award-winner.

Jessie Lee was involved in a very serious car wreck at the end of 2010.  She claims that she almost died in the wreck.  The ensuing injuries have left her "unable" to work, and many different organizations came to her aid, raising money for her medical bills.  On the various websites, this lady claimed that she was legally dead, and medics brought her back.

You would think that someone who had a near-death experience of that magnitude, would have a little bit more compassion for human life.  I mean, if she does not care about all the Japanese that died or have been displaced, should we really care about just one ignorant fool nearly dying in a car wreck?  I think not.

The irony of her "not caring" about the quake, was that Los Angeles, and the entire West Coast was under a tsunami warning.  Los Angeles is also the current city in which she resides.  The earthquake that this bitch didn't care about, actually had an impact on her miserable, little life.

Eventually, she tried to do a little damage control, via Twitter, saying that she did not know what was going on.  However, if she is on Twitter, wouldn't you think that her timeline would be flooded(no pun intended) with tweets about the quake?  Completely invalid argument, and apology on her part.

Most of her tweets are about her hitting various bars and partying with different people.  So a near-death experience means that you can go out every night, yet not "work?"  I know that taking multiple cocks to the face can be a grueling task, but apparently one that she can complete at the present time.

When you say something stupid, apologize and be accountable.  Don't make excuses, and do not act like it never happened.  Hopefully it is a lesson this mental midget will learn.

Learn your lesson Jessie Lee:  think before you tweet, and actually care about the world around you.  People who don't even know you gave their money to help you in your time of need.  Perhaps you should think about doing the same.  Jessie Lee, our newest "Douchebag of the Week!"


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