Friday, March 18, 2011

Is March Madness the Nation's Best Sporting Event?

It almost seems absurd to compare anything to the Super Bowl.  Every year the television ratings get larger, and the game seems more hyped than ever.  The game does not start until around 4pm Pacific, yet there is six hours of pregame coverages.  We receive "expert" analysis from guys like Terry Bradshaw, and he seems to be getting dumber by the year.  Next, Taylor Swift or Faith Hill performs their new single to get us pumped for the ensuing action.  Yes, nothing screams masculinity quite like Taylor.

The game starts, and for the most part, it is quite underwhelming.  For every Arizona vs. Pittsburgh classic that we are fortunate enough to see, we get clunkers like most of the Super Bowl's of the 90's.  The game seldom lives up to the hype.

The NCAA tournament always does.  Sure, Kansas vs. Boston U was a blowout, but so many games went down until the final seconds.  I love watching the small schools knock off some the larger powers, and it happens every single year.  The tournament never lets us down.

Of course, its hard to compare a game that last for 3 hours, to a tournament that lasts a month, but the first two days of the tourney offer us things that other sports simply cannot.  You won't see Ohio State get beat by a Division II team very often.  Yet the NCAA tournament gives us unparalleled sports drama each March.

The new format of how we watch the NCAA has made the tournament even more enjoyable.  Four networks, and every game shown in its entirety.  It is something that has been long overdue, and is absolutely brilliant.  The response by the viewer has backed that up:  Bloomberg reports that the NCAA tournament has received its best ratings in two decades.  The new way in which it is broadcast changes the way we watch college basketball.

The Super Bowl is still the most popular sports day in America,but give me the first two days of the tournament any day,  It is the most compelling reality show on television today.

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