Monday, April 11, 2011

Jose Canseco Named Player/Manager of the Yuma Scorpions

I can't tell which Canseco is a bigger douche..
Jose Canseco got a gig in professional baseball, sort of.  Canseco was named manager of the Yuma Scorpions, an independent team in something called the North American League. 

Canseco will manage the team, and play first base, as well as designated hitter.  His twin brother, Ozzie, will serve as a coach, and player as well.

The whole situation reeks of a publicity stunt, and as delusional as Canseco appears to be, I'm sure he thinks that he is being given a legitmate opportunity to manage a professional baseball team.  I remember when Jose Canseco signed with the San Diego Surfdawgs, an independent league team that played on the SDSU campus.  The gimmick then, was he would DH, and become a knuckleball pitcher; that experiment lasted all of one game.

Canseco was also one of my favorite "celebrities" to harass on Twitter, until he blocked me.  His tweets are a portrait into a very broken man; which means they are downright hilarious!  Here are a few of my favs: 

"Do you have the courage to fight a 7'2 360lb giant at the age of 46 with a torn knee for a good cause, I did." (who cares?)

"call 3108626309 if you want to know the truth about celebrity boxing all monies go to charity" (no it doesn't, I have yet to receive a check)

"my third book will be coming out soon named the truth hurts it destroyed my life the charity b.a.t will benefit greatly financially." (is b.a.t. what you call you bank account these days.)

For all my gambling friends, what is the over/under on games managed by Canseco?  I'm going 10, any takers.

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