Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Warped Tour Lineup is Lackluster at Best

Warped Tour is an annual event for me.  I have gone almost every year since 2003(the year I got my driver's license) and it is always amazing.  I like to call it Punk Rock Summer Camp: A chance to see many of your favorite bands all in one day.  The lineup is always diverse, and always has something for everyone.  However, this lineup doesn't have the depth and diversity that it normally does.  There are a few bands that I would like to see, but the vast majority of them are complete and utterly shitty.  Here's some bands you should check out, and others you should avoid.

Check Out:  Go Radio:  Go Radio released their debut album; "Lucky Street back in March, and it is a pop-punk masterpiece.  The band will be playing all dates, so give them a listen.  Their album is my favorite of 2011.

New Years Day:  This is a female-fronted band; and singer Ashley Costello writes good lyrics, and they are working on a new EP.  Check out their 2007 album "My Dear."  The band also scored points, because the singer follows me on Twitter.

D.R.U.G.S.:  The new project by Craig Owens, formerly of Chiodos is surprisingly good.  It has a much rawer sound that his previous work, and the lyrics are much more personal and darker.  I am intrigued to see this band perform live.

While the bands above are good choices to check out, there are so many bands to avoid.  You have your terrible, generic screamo, which you get with bands like Black Veil Brides, The Word Alive and Woe is Me.  Shitty electronic music with bands that sing in autotune sound good to you?  Well they offer Blood on the Dancefloor and HelloGoodbye.

Perhaps I am starting to finally get old, since most of the garbage kids listen to bothers me.  I mean, if you're a band like Bad Religion, would you be happy sharing the stage with bands like 3OH3?  I can remember going to Warped, excited to see dozens of bands; now I can count all of the bands I want to see on one hand.  Come on Kevin Lyman, you are so much better than this.


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