Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Oddest Television Couples I Have Seen

Have you ever watched a sitcom and wondered, how the hell is that putz married to that hottie?  It only happens in real life, and only when the dude has a few dollars in the bank.  There are some couples that seem like a match made in heaven(think Dan and Roseanne) and some that leave you scratching your head.

I have only included couples on shows that i have actually watched.  People have pointed out that Ed O'Neill is hitting a hot Latina on "Modern Family," but I do not watch that show.  Perhaps I will catch up when its hits syndication, but for now, here are my "Oddest Couples in Television that I have ever seen."

6. Leonard and Penny-"The Big Bang Theory":  A beautiful, corn-fed hottie from Nebraska, and a physics nerd come together as friends, and eventually start dating?  No, seriously, that's a joke, right.  While this show is one of my all-time favorites, the premise of Penny making eye contact with Leonard, let alone dating him just seems absurd.  Physics nerds who play Halo, aren't exactly rolling in chicks.  Fun fact about the duo:  they actually dated in real life.  I can see Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco hooking up, but not Leonard and Penny.

5. Drew and Kate-"The Drew Carey Show":  I love the character Drew Carey, because I found him extremely real.  He is a pretty smart guy, who works in a shitty department store job.  He's chubby, and wears dorky glasses, and probably can't get laid.  But alas, Drew often dated, including many women that left you scratching your head.  Drew dated his tomboy, but sexy best friend Kate, and ultimately married her.  Apparently chicks dig fat guys with crappy jobs.  Looks like there is hope for me after all.

4. Willie and Kate- "ALF":  This show is not often brought up as having an "odd couple" angle, since the main attraction was a hairy puppet.  This sitcom was a staple of my youth, and when I started rewatching it on DVD a few years ago, I was like "Why is this chick married to a pedophile."  Willie(played by crack-loving, cock-guzzling creep Max Wright) was busted for smoking crack and filming gay porn in the early 2000's.  Apparently, ALF was the one on that show that liked to eat pussy.

3.  Doug and Carrie- "The King of Queens":  Another show I love, that had a couple that really never fit together for me.  Doug is an obese, dim-witted delivery driver, oh and he's a selfish liar to boot.  Carrie is the sexy New Yorker, with a mouth like a sailor, and a full-blown hottie.  I never bought them as a married couple, but they did have a lot of chemistry comically.

George's head has its own area code
2.  George and Angie-"The George Lopez Show":  Easily one of the most overrated shows of all-time.  It is somehow the highest rated show on Nick at Nite, which I find deeply disturbing.  George is the factory worker, with a head the size of the Alaskan coastline.  Angie is a Cuban MILF, so naturally they would marry, right?  Yeah, I don't buy it either.
1. Balki and Larry- "Perfect Strangers":  One is from a fictional island called Mypos.  The other is from Chicago.  Balki is a free spirit, while Larry is an uptight little troll.  They share a one bedroom apartment together.  Oh wait, they aren't gay lovers, but cousins?  Huh, could have fooled me.
They really aren't gay?

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