Friday, May 20, 2011

WTF?! Sean Burroughs is Back In the Show

Hey Padre fans, remember Sean Burroughs?  That third baseman who was supposed to the best homegrown product since Tony Gwynn?  Well, his career never quite panned out, and traded him to Tampa Bay before the 2006 season. Well, Burroughs only amassed 25 at-bats with the Rays that year, and never played in the big leagues again.  Well, until now.

The Arizona Diamondbacks called up the now 30 year old infielder to take the spot of Melvin Mora, who went on the bereavement list.  Playing for the AAA Reno Aces, Burroughs put up a line of .386/.434/.571 in 80 at-bats so far in 2011.  The power still isn't there, as Burroughs has hit just one homer.

This is a great story of perseverance.  Burroughs could have easily walked away from the game, and moved to the next phase in life. He's made around $5 million in his career, and has had some success at the big league level.  He hadn't played a big league in five years, and it looked like he never would again.  Burroughs' story is truly an inspiration.

Note:  Burroughs went 0-1 in his first big league action since 2006.

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