Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Great Baseball Card Experiment

Ever since I was a small child, I have had interest in collecting baseball cards. I bought a pack whenever I had a little extra money as a child, and spent most of my free time chewing the disgusting gum, and memorizing the statistics on the back. I lost interest in them as a teenager, but I have gotten back into it the last few years. I opened a pack of Bowman's just last night, and got a Bryce Harper chrome card, that is selling for at least $20 on various Internet sites.

An idea popped into my head over the last few months:  If I sent baseball cards to players in a self addressed stamped envelope, would I actually get back an autograph? I have heard stories of players taking a few minutes out of their busy days, and signing an autograph for a fan. I realize the chances are slim, and I know that an autographed card isn't worth much, because their is no way for the signature to be authenticated.  Here is the list of the players I am going to try and snag a signature from.

Zack Grienke:  Always been one of my favorite players, after he had a successful fight with anxiety. Would love a Grienke signature in my collection.

Jeff Keppinger:  A very good utility guy, who has always hit at the big league level.  I figure a utility guy with Houston isn't bogged down with letters.

Clayton Kershaw- Reaching here, and hoping that the young lefty gives me an autograph. The guy is a stud, so I hope I get a response.

Gio Gonzalez- The young lefty has blossomed into an effective starter, and Oakland doesn't have a great fanbase, so I am hoping he hooks me up with an autograph.

Carlos Quentin- The power-hitting outfielder has San Diego ties, so me thinks I have that working in my favor.

Scott Hairston- Always was a favorite of mine when he played in a Padres uniform. Now with the Mets, hopefully he will feel a bit nostalgic.

Alex Gordon- The former #2 pick is having a solid 2011 campaign, and I have a ton of Gordon cards.

Chase Headley- Dude is having a very good year, and I am playing the local San Diego card, hoping that plays into my favor.

Daniel Hudson- The young Arizona right-hander has been solid this year, and would be a great addition to my collection.

Again, I am not expecting much, but I figure at least one of these guys has to respond. If not, I am sending non-insert cards that aren't worth much. I will keep you all posted on what I get back, if anything.

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