Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Thoughts on Casey Anthony

I have not been following this case as much as many have, but I was floored when I found out she was acquitted not only of murder, but manslaughter too.  It seemed like the prosecution didn't have enough evidence to sentence her to death, but I figured all the circumstantial evidence would put her ass in jail for life.  Boy, was I wrong!

Like I said, I didn't watch every detail, but how does a little girl disappear for 28 days, and you, the mother fail to report it to the authorities. This bitch made up elaborate lies about where she worked, and even went as far as making up people that she associated with. Her own attorney even called her a slut.

So Casey will likely walk free on Thursday, but will she really be free?  She has long been guilty in the court of public opinion, with her erratic behavior, and mood swings.  She has acted suspicious from the initial disappearance.  She might be one of the most hated woman in recent American history.  I honestly cannot think of one person who offered her support. I think the nation was hoping that she would be put to death.

She will likely be free like the rest of us.  Free to shop at the stores, free to drink until she blocks out. Free to start a blog and write about her opinions.  The same freedoms that you and I work for, and she will be among us.  The media tells us that there will be no book, no movie, and Casey doesn't stand to make a profit from her infamy. I disagree.

I think the networks will want an interview with her.  She is virtually unemployable, so she will need the money.  ABC could throw down a million for a candid interview.  Would people want to read a book about her experiences? Probably, people have a fascination with psychopaths, and while a publisher may be hesitant to publish a book written by her, I think that it would sell well.  The OJ book "If I Did It" was never published, but who said Casey would go with that angle?

The champagne is flowing, the defense team won one of the most famous trials in recent memory. A family is shattered forever, as the pieces can never be put back together. Meanwhile, a little girl who suffered, possibly at the hands of her mother, will never receive the justice she deserves.  A life that ended way too soon, in a completely pointless way. Casey wanted to slut it up and party, while shirking her responsibilities, she should have given little Caylee up for adoption, or passed her on to her grandparents.  Instead, the little girl is disposed of like she's a piece of garbage.

It is moments like these where I question my faith in mankind, and a "higher power."  A little girl loses her life, and the likely murderer walks the Earth. The jury had enough evidence to at least convict her of manslaughter, assuring that she would never see the light of day.  Instead, she will walk among us, with Caylee's blood all over her hands.  Not one of the juror's had the balls to face the media, and let the nation know what the hell they were thinking.  Completely gutless.

I would not be surprised if someone pulls a Jack Ruby, and ices the cunt(excuse my vulgarity).  Someone could shoot her in the middle of Times Square, and I bet everyone would look the other way.  No one wants to see Casey alive. 

RIP Caylee, a nation weeps for a life that could have been, and never will be. 

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