Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Boy was I Wrong! Orlando Hudson is a Stiff!

I begged and I pleaded to the Padres this offseason. Sure, it isn't like they would actually listen to me, but I really wanted the Padres to sign veteran 2nd baseman Orlando Hudson. My reasons were many: They could probably get him on a one-year deal, he has a good glove, and is a .278 career hitter. After watching punchless, but scrappy David Eckstein for the last two years, it was clear the Padres needed an upgrade.

Padres GM Jed Hoyer was thinking like I was, and signed the O-Dog to a 2-year, $11 million dollar contract in the offseason. The Padres seemed to acquire a solid bat, that could hit in the top-half of the lineup. Instead, the Padres have gotten a whiny, broken-down, former shell of an all-star.

Hudson has been on the DL twice this season, and might be headed there again, after straining his groin in Tuesday's loss against the Mets. When he has been in the lineup, he hasn't done much of anything. Currently he is hitting a pathetic .239/.332/.320, with 3 HR's and 27 RBI's.  Defense was supposed to be his calling card, but by UZR standards he is playing a below average 2nd base.

Not only has he blown at the plate, and in the field, but he has made a number of stupid mistakes. In a game earlier in the season, he caught a pop-up, and tossed the ball into the stands...with only two outs. The bonehead play cost the Padres two runs, and Orlando screamed at an umpire after the play. What the hell is the poor ump going to do?

I was never a big Eckstein fan, but Eckstein was a much more effective 2nd baseman for the Padres. Take a look at 2010 Eck vs. 2011 O-Dog.

Eckstein: .267/.321/.326, 1 HR, 27 RBI's, 6.2 UZR fielding rating, 1.9 WAR
Hudson:  .239/.332/.320, 3 HR's. 27 RBI's -2.0 UZR fielding rating, 1.0 WAR

Insanity. Eckstein, who made $1 million in 2010, is actually outslugged 2011 Hudson, and also brought more in the field. Overall, he is worth one more victory than Hudson has been worth 2011. Like I mentioned earlier, the purpose of the post is not to talk up Eck, but to display how pathetic Hudson has been in 2011.

He has also proved to be a whiny bitch. When the Padres were in the midst of a long losing streak, Hudson criticized San Diego fans for having the nerve to boo the hometown nine. Yo, Orlando, when you are being outslugged by David freaking Eckstein, you deserve much worse than boos. You deserve to be unemployed.

My hope for this lost Padres season is for the O-Dog to get hot, so the Padres can move his ass in the offseason. I lobbied for Orlando, and he has been a disaster. Hey, we all make mistakes.

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