Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Seattle Goes Guido

Seattle promoted 3rd baseman Alex Liddi, a fairly not-descript prospect in the Mariners organization. The news itself would not be a big deal, unless you are a die-hard Mariners fan with way too much time on their hands.  However, Liddi is somewhat of a pioneer.

Liddi, who is 23, is believed to be the first Italian born major leaguer in the last 50 years. He is also the first graduate of MLB's European Academy to crack a big league roster. With the offense woes that the Mariners have, he might actually have a shot of sticking around.

In doing some research, Liddi was rated as the #6 prospect in Seattle's system, according to www.minorleagueball.com. He has a large 6'4, 220 lb frame, with some good power. He socked 30 HR's at AAA Tacoma, and if his glove comes around, he could be a fixture in the Pacific Northwest.

It is also pretty cool to see a true Italian in the majors. We have seen guys like Mike Piazza, and Francisco Cervilli play in the bigs, guys of Italian descent, but not actually European. Liddi has a chance to put European baseball on the map, and untap markets baseball has not seen success in. As someone who is of Italian descent, Liddi has already become a guy I will watch closely.

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