Saturday, November 19, 2011

An interview with San Diego Chargers WR Richard Goodman

Back in July, Justin Adams and I did an interview on our podcast "The Bicoastal Sports Show" with Richard Goodman. He was gracious enough to give us a few minutes of his time, and talk to us. At that time, he seemed like a long shot to make the roster, but now Goodman has emerged as one of the best special teams players that the Chargers have. While some of the questions are a little dated, it was a really fun interview, and my first with a professional athlete. Here are a few of the highlights:

Q: "One of the things I found interesting about you, is that you played at Florida State, under Bobby Bowden. What kind of coach was he?"

A: "He was definitely a player's coach. He could relate to all situations, because he has coached so many guys: Hall-of-Famers, NFL stars. He was always hands-on and was there or players on and off of the field."

Q: "During the lockout, we read that many players were doing individual workouts. What exactly does that consist of?"

A: "I would usually wake up in the morning and lift weights with a few guys down in Florida(where he lives in the offseason). We would do sprints and cone drills, just things to stay in shape. It definitely isn't the same as practicing with your teammates.

Q: "What kind of influence do star players like Philip Rivers, Vincent Jackson, and Antonio Gates have on a young player, such as yourself?

A: "Just seeing guys who make a commitment each day. They always tried to get better, and go hard regardless of who the opponent is, or if we were coming off of a win or a loss. They take every rep seriously, and they make you want to get better as well."

Q: "The Chargers struggles on special teams have been well documented. How do you feel that you can help in that area."

A: "I definitely want to be a spark. I want to use my speed and quickness and make a play on special teams, either on a return, or by making a big tackle. I want to be able to help the team out in any way I can, so I look forward to playing a large role on special teams."

Q: "You played with Vikings QB Christian Ponder, what exactly does he bring to the table?"

A: "He is one of the smartest guys I have ever been around. So I bet he knows the playbook well. He is a winner, when he came to Florida State, people doubted him, but he played through injuries, and always made plays. He proved a lot of people wrong by getting drafted 12th overall. He has my utmost respect."

Q: "What is the toughest team you have played against?'

A: "I would have to say New England. The defense, with the way they lineup, it is hard to know what defense they are playing until the snap the ball."

Richard is a class act, and has a an for life in me! Give him a follow on Twitter at

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