Monday, November 14, 2011

Is Tim Tebow a legit NFL QB?

Tim Tebow. The name alone sparks so many emotions. Some people love the former Heisman Trophy candidate, praising his hard work and dedication. Others snicker at his lack of velocity and inaccuracy in the passing game. I really have no ill-will towards the guy, expect that he plays for the Denver Broncos, the team I hate the most.

However, everyone talks about Tebow. He is one of the most talked about NFL players that I can ever remember. The guy was an all-time great in college, a surprising 1st round pick last year, and has one of the best selling jerseys in the NFL. The fans in Denver begged for football Jesus to get a shot, and so far the results have been mixed.

This season Tebow is completing a pathetic 44.8 % of his passes, yet has thrown 7 TD's to just 1 INT, and has added 2 TD's on the ground. He has a 3-1 record in 4 starts, and has the Donkey's right in the mix in hte AFC West. His QB rating of 81.6 is ahead of starters like Philip Rivers, Matt Cassel, Michael Vick, and Josh Freeman.

In yesterday's 17-10 win against the Chiefs, Tebow completed 2 passes the entire game! Two! One came on a long pass play to Eric Decker, and Tebow finished up 2-8, for 63 yds and a TD. It also gave him a QB rating of under 100, which shows me how flawed that statistic is. Bottom line, Tebow is not a legitimate NFL QB in my opinion.

However, the team keeps winning. Head coach John Fox has simplified the offense, essentially bringing the option to the NFL. The team plans to keep running the football with Tebow and Co., until someone proves they can stop it.

I actually like Tebow. He seems like a really great dude, and I applaud his perseverance when every "expert" in the NFL has doubted him. I just do not see how a quarterback can be a long-term solution, while completing 45 % of his throws. Sure, the team has won 3 of 4 with Tebow at the helm, but this simply cannot continue long-term, right?

Personally, I think Tebow belongs in the NFL, just not as a starting QB. He would be interesting as a role-player. Line him up as a tight end, he can take a direct snap, and pound the ball between the tackles, and even throw a few times ago. I just do not believe in him as a viable QB. Tebow just keeps winning, so how can you bench him? If I am Denver, I am still looking for a "real" QB. Tebow is not the answer.

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