Tuesday, December 6, 2011

SDSU to Big East sucks!

I do not know about the rest of you, but I have grown weary of the musical conferences game that is being played in the NCAA currently. Nebraska to the Big 10, Colorado and Utah to the Pac-12, and Missouri and Texas A&M to the SEC. It is getting hard to keep track of the teams in each conference.

Today it was announced that San Diego State and Boise State would be heading to the Big East as football-only members, likely in 2013. The move makes sense from a football perspective, I suppose. The plan would be that Boise State and SDSU would play in a new "west" division of the Big East, that likely will include SMU, Houston, and perhaps Louisville. Obviously, SDSU wants a cut of the guaranteed BCS money that the Big East can offer, as well as a much better television deal.

The football conference, however will be watered down. I think the Mountain West is an extremely underrated conference, with Boise, TCU, and Wyoming all having solid seasons. Utah and BYU also had a great deal of success in their time in the Mountain West. The Aztecs have a shot to make a BCS Bowl each year, but what about the basketball program, the same program that might be the strongest on the West Coast currently?

Well don't fret Aztec fans, the basketball programs, as well as the dozens of other sports that no one cares about are headed to the Big West. The competition in the conference is far below what the Aztecs have faced in the MWC. Currently, the Mountain West has the 5th highest RPI rating in college basketball; the Big West is currently ranked 25th out of the 32 conferences in Division 1 basketball. The Aztecs will play against such stalwarts as UC Irvine, UC Riverside, and Cal Poly! Feel the excitement building!

I suppose the positive is that the Aztecs should be the favorite in that crappy conference every year. The school should also save money on travel, since every school, with the exception of Hawaii, are located in California. (Hawaii joins the Big West for all sports except for football in 2012). However, Steve Fisher is building a truly special program in San Diego. Viejas Arena is packed for each game, and a move to the Big West just seems like a step backward for a team that was ranked as high as #4 last year. Not to mention that the Big East headquarters is over 3,000 miles from San Diego. I do not like the move at all.


  1. i'm tired of retards like yourself that continue to bash the Aztecs for opting to leave! All i see is ranting w/ no viable stats! T.V money will give the aztecs a minimum of 6.4 million dollars, as opposed to measly 1.5 they receive now! also, the television exposure will help drastically, as both the Big East & Big West currently have t.v contracts w/ Espn! (Big West will be renegotiating a more lucrative t/v contract w/ espn in 2014 as well) The big East has also granted SDSU at least 4 non-conference basketball games w/ Big East competition every year (that should off set not playing UNLV & UNM 4games in MWC). Lastly, the bowl tie ins is what prompted this whole thing (BE has 7, while MWC 4) SDSU almost missed out w/ 8-4 record and will get a measly 150,000 pay day, whilst the last bowl tie for the BE gets 1,000,000! Money= better athletics!

  2. First of all, if you are gonna insult me, leave your name so I know who to rip. From a football standpoint it makes sense, but the Big West conference is HORRID for basketball. Recruits are not going to want to play in that conference, even with the Big East guarantee. And ESPN shows Big West games when 85% of the country is asleep. Besides, no one gives a shit about SDSU football judging by the crowds...thanks for reading anyway, whoever you are :)

    1. The first thing that should matter is what is good for the players not any guaranteed BCS money that the Big East can offer!This whole obsession of money is ruining tradition, and the great history of College sports!

      This traveling like this and the way this is set up is not good!You ought to ask the San Francisco 49ers or the Rams when they were in L.A. how it affected them when it was the old NFC west IE. Carolina,Atlanta,and New Orleans and it did affect them alot.Yeah the travel affected them yeah S.F. won 5 Superbowls but College sports is different how will the students studies suffer?They are going to school first and foremost!Then you add a heavy travel along with their studies forget it!

      The Big Least are a bunch of losers that cannot hold on to any team!They go and raid other conferences and ruin the other conferences like Conference USA which I have a great respect for more than the Big Least!They deserve a BCS shot more than the Big least does!!!Heck put the teams who left that conference to join loser Big least back there!The Big Least signed the death warrant by allowing Notre Dame to run roughshod over them time and time again!When they signed that huge tv deal with NBC They said they would join the Big East and well they didnt they remained independent and would not just play all the Big east teams!Then they did not share the TV revenue and then came back to bitch about how much tv revenue they got from Basketball and all the other sports what jerks!That is when Va Tech,Miami and Boston College left first, now Pitt,Syracuse,and WV are gone!You can only take so much!UConn and Rutgers are next!Also I think Cincinnati are looking elsewhere!Cincy should after what ND did with the Coach Kelly situation they should have bolted a while ago!Do not forget ND also was against Penn State Joining back in the 80s dumb move and Penn State really wanted to join!

      San Diego and Boise should stay where they are and the Mountain West and Wac should join forces!If Conference USA wants someone to Merge with it should be the Sunbelt Conference less travel than Mountain West!Heck just take the teams from Big east who are former members and put them back in that is a great conference again!The Conference USA_Sunbelt Conference should get a BCS Shot alng with Mountain West-WAC joining together!And strip the Big East football title away!

      In College Sports they should stop this ala carte B.S.!What I mean For example Notre Dame saying they will join Basketball and other sports but they will remain independent in football!Look what animosity has come from that!Or What San Diego and Boise State want to do join just in Football you either join a conference 100% or not at all!Can't just jump from one for this sport and then you are in another another sport!This is not the Burger King drive up where you can have it your way!You either join all the way or not at all!I know there are teams that may not have for example football I.E.Georgetown or St.Johns that is different but the rest Like SDS, and Boise stop it just stay where you are!