Saturday, June 4, 2011

Padres vs. Red Sox, Draft History 2000-Present

With the MLB Draft coming up on Monday, I thought it would be fun to compare my team(Padres) and Justin's team(Red Sox) and see how they compared in the draft the last decade.  The first thing I realized is how much the 2000 draft sucked.  Adrian Gonzalez went #1, Chase Utley went #15, and Adam Wainwright went #29.  Other than that the first round that year stunk.  I will update the progress on each teams 1st rounder (2000-2010) and the best player they took in the draft.

2000:  Padres select LHP Mark Phillips(9th overall):  He never made it to the big leagues, and never got above A ball.  Last surfaced in an independent league, in 2007.  A definite bust.

Red Sox select LHP Phil Dumatrait (22th overall):  Is still in professional baseball, pitching for the Minnesota Twins.  Career record of 3-11 with a 6.84 ERA.  Padres best draft pick:  Xavier Nady, (49th overall) Red Sox:  Freddy Sanchez (332th overall)

2001:  Padres select INF Jake Geutreau(14th overall):  Advanced as far as AAA, but never made the big leagues.  Hasn't played pro ball since 2008.  Bust.  The Red Sox did not have a 1st rounder that year, but did take Kelly Shoppach 44th overall.  Padres best pick:  SS Jason Bartlett (390th overall) Red Sox best pick:  INF Kevin Youkilis (243rd overall)

2002:  Padres select SS Khalil Greene(13th overall):  Probably the best first rounder the Padres I have seen in my lifetime.(not saying much.)  Drove in 97 runs in 2007, and finished second in the Rookie of the Year Voting in 2004.  Now out of baseball, due to anxiety issues.  Not quite a bust.  Again the Sox did not have a 1st rounder, but grabbed the great Jon Lester 57th overall.  They also drafted Ricky Romero in the 37th round, but he didn't sign.  Padres best pick:  Greene.  Red Sox best pick:  Lester.

2003:  Padres draft RHP Tim Stauffer(4th overall):  Looked like a bust after a few years, but has turned himself into a good pitcher,even starting Opening Day this year.  Red Sox draft OF David Murphy(17th overall).  He wasn't in Boston long, as he was part of the Eric Gagne deal.  Hit 17 HR's in 2009.  Padres best pick: Stauffer.  Red Sox best pick:  RHP John Papelbon(114th overall). 

2004:  Padres draft SS/RHP Matt Bush(1st overall):  One of the worst picks ever. Hit .219 in his minor league career as a shortstop, and owns a pitiful .929 fielding percentage.  Now a pitcher in the Rays organization, he has an ERA over seven in AA.  Red Sox didn't have a 1st rounder in '04, but nabbed Dustin Pedroia with their first pick.  All he's done is win an MVP.  Padres best pick:  1B Kyle Blanks(1241st overall).  Red Sox best pick:  Pedroia.

2005:  Padres draft RHP Cesar Carrillo(18th overall). Looked like he was going to be the real deal, but arm injuries ruined him.  Has a career record of 1-2 and a 13.04 ERA in three big league starts.  Sox draft OF Jacoby Ellsbury(23th overall).  Has become a dynamic leadoff hitter, and could be headed towards his first All Star game.  The Sox also got Clay Buchholz and Jed Lowrie in this draft.  Padres best pick:  3B Chase Headley(66th overall).  Red Sox best pick:  Ellsbury.

2006:  Padres draft INF Matt Antonelli(17th overall).   Yet another failed Padres draft pick.  In his only taste of big league action he hit .191 in 2008.  Now with the Washington organization.  Red Sox draft OF Jason Place(26th overall) and Daniel Bard(27th overall).  Jason Place hasn't worked out, as he is now in the Yankees organization, and owns a .233 career average in the minors.  Daniel Bard is an integral part of the Sox bullpen, and could be the closer in 2012.

2007:  Padres draft Nick Schmidt(23rd overall) He is still in the Padres organization, but hasn't pitched past A ball.  Still has a chance, but he has failed to impress.  The Red Sox didn't draft in the 1st round, and top pick, LHP is now in the Cleveland organization.  The Sox also drafted Anthony Rizzo, who is the Padres top prospect.  Its too early to rank the best players in the draft from here on out.

2008:  Padres draft 1B Allen Dyksta(23rd overall).  Dykstra is another disappointment, as her never became the power threat he was supposed to.  Is now in the Mets organization.  Red Sox draft SS Casey Kelly(30th overall).  Casey Kelly was converted into a pitcher, and is now a top prospect in the Padres system.

2009:  Padres draft OF Donavan Tate(3rd overall). Has been hampered by injuries, so the jury is still out on him.  Received a $6.25 million bonus, a Padres record.  Red Sox draft OF Reymond Fuentes(28th overall).  Fuentes is a speedy outfielder, who was a part of the Adrian Gonzalez deal, along with Casey Kelly and Anthony Rizzo.

2010:  Padres select RHP Karsten Whitson(9th overall).  Whitson never signed with the Padres, and is now pitching at Florida.  The Padres have an unprotected 10th pick as compensation for failing to sign him.  Red Sox draft 2B Koltin Vitek.  Vitek is currently playing in high A ball, hitting .280 with 0 HRs.

It is easy to see why the Sox have been so successful, they have just murdered the small market Padres.  The Sox have been successful in the draft, and the Padres have butchered it.  The most critical draft in Padres history is this Monday.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kevin's MLB Surprises and Award Winners

We are two months into the 2011 MLB, and there are some things that should surprise no one.  After a slow start, the Red Sox are in first place.  The Phillies rule the East, and Roy Halladay has been just as good as advertised, however there have been many surprises.  Some teams have been better than expected, and other individual athletes have shined.  Lets take a look at some of the surprise performers.

Suprises:  Arizona Diamondbacks (30-25) I picked the D'backs to lose 96 games before the year.  I figured they had some decent offensive players, but lacked pitching.  Well, the bullpen is one of the biggest reasons the team sits atop the National League West.  J.J. Putz has been flawless as the closer, and Rule 5 pick Joe Paterson, and Daniel Hernandez have fortified the backend of the bullpen.  There is no reason why the D'backs cannot contend all year.

Cleveland Indians (32-20) Again, I picked the Indians to crash and burn this season, but they have built a sizeable lead in the AL Central.  Justin Masterson and Josh Tomlin have been a revelation this season, and Grady Sizemore is back from knee surgery.  Cleveland could win the AL Central this year.

Florida Marlins (31-22) The Marlins are the Wild-Card leader, and Hanley Ramirez is hitting .210.  However Gaby Sanchez, and Logan Morrison are having great seasons.  Throw in young slugger Mike Stanton, and this team could be scary for years to come.  Anibal Sanchez has been tremendous, and they have a legitimate #1 in Josh Johnson, when healthy.

AL MVP:  Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue Jays.  The Jays are only one game over .500, but Bautista's numbers are simply too amazing to ignore.  He has a slash line of .356/.502/.791.  The guy has 20 bombs, and could win the Triple Crown.  He has 46 walks, and 28 strikeouts.  He is unreal.

NL MVP:  Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Brewers.  The National League wasn't as easy to pick someone, as I considered Jay Bruce among others, but Braun is my pick.  He could become a 30/30 guy, and he has an OPS of exactly 1.000.  He also leads the NL in runs.

AL Cy Young:  James Shields, Tampa Bay Rays.  Shields has rebounded from an awful 2010, and is my pick for the Cy Young.  He's among the league leaders in ERA with 2.15, and innings with 83.2 innings.  He leads the AL in complete games, shutouts, and strikeouts.

NL Cy Young:  Tim Lincecum, San Francisco.  Ignore his 5-4 record, the Giants are a pitiful offensive club, but Timmy has been as dominant as ever.  He has an ERA of 2.22, and is striking out more than a batter an inning.  Timmy could have his third Cy Young before the age of 30.

AL ROY:  Michael Pineda, Seattle Mariners:  Pineda has been one of the best pitchers in the league, rookie or veteran. He is 6-2 with a 2.42 ERA, and he is averaging 9.4 K's per nine innings.

NL ROY:  Craig Kimbrel, Atlanta Braves.  Kimbrel has been solid as the closer for the Braves, with 15 saves, and he leads the NL in games finished with 23.  He has blown four, but rookies aren't often thrust into the closer role, and he has handled it just fine.