Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Year Anniversary of Kevin Says

Tomorrow, July 27 will be the one year anniversary of this blog. Growing up as a child, I had dreams of being a sports media mogul. I aspired to have my own radio show, and be a frequent contributor to Sports Illustrated. If that didn't work out, I figured I could become a beat writer for the Chargers. At the ripe old age of 26, those dreams are all but dead. Life has chewed me up, and spit me out. This blog however, has allowed me to hold on to those childish hopes.

In retrospect, I am not really sure why I started this blog. Perhaps I had a creative itch that needed to be scratched. I also heard that one can make some money doing this. Well, Google suspended my Adsense account for some reason, so that hasn't happened. So why do I continue to write on this blog? Quite simply, its a blast.

Ever since I was a child, teachers told me that I had a flair for writing. I even had some short stories published when I was in grade school. Naturally, one would assume that I would want to become an author. Well, writing always felt like a chore, since I had to write reports on things I didn't care about.  Book reports, history papers, and analyzing my communication behaviors. These tasks are the colon exams of writing.

All I ever really cared about as a kid were sports, and music. When I hit high school, it became girls, sports, and music. Teachers never let me write about any of those things, so I stopped writing for fun. It was simply a task used to satisfy academic requirements.

Then I saw that everyone online had a blog. People with half of my abilities are doing this for a living. People who create websites, "hire" people to write on the site(without getting paid) and reap the financial benefits. Hell, if shitty writers who rattle off sports statistics for the sake of sounding intelligent are blogging, why can't I?

My favorite thing about blogging, is that I can do whatever I want. If I want to write a balanced, professional sports story, I can. If I feel like talking about which celebrity I wanna see naked, I write it. No rules, no regrets. My work is all about being interesting and funny. If I am not entertaining, there is no point for me to keep doing this. I take a lot of pride in the feedback my small little readership has given me. Honestly, it keeps be sane some days.

The last year of blogging has flown by. Over 250 posts, all of them straight from my brain. Sure, I am not an Internet sensation, but I love doing this as a hobby, job, or whatever you want to call it. I do not get to write as much as I would like because I work and attend college full-time, but my readership grows every month. One year has netted almost 11,000 hits. I am not sure if that is good, but its more that I ever anticipated.

One year in as a blogger, and rest assured people, no one can shut me up. Kevin is not going anywhere!

Chargers resign 2 Veterans, Bring in Spikes

It has been a busy day for the Chargers, as they resigned veteran right tackle Jeromey Clary to a 4 year, $20 million deal. Clary started all 16 games for the Bolts last year. He is a solid, but not spectacular tackle, and should help the Chargers power their high-octane offense. He will earn $8.5 million in 2011.

The Chargers also resigned veteran tight end Randy McMichael to a one year deal; he will earn the veteran minimum of $910,000. He started 11 games for the Chargers last year, catching 20 passes for 221 yards, and 2 touchdowns.

The Bolts also brought veteran inside linebacker Takeo Spikes. Terms were not immediately available. Spikes is a 13 year veteran, playing last year with the Niners. He is a two-time Pro Bowler, having made the squad in 2003 and 2004.

In addition to these veterans, the Chargers added 19 undrafted rookie free agents, including former Wisconsin QB Scott Tolzien. The full list will be posted at the end of this post.

Kevin Says: Clary will never be an All-Pro, but he is a solid pass blocker, as he allowed only 4 sacks in 2010. The Chargers now have all 8 offensive linemen from last year under contract. It should be a big step towards developing continuity on the line.

McMichael did a nice job when Antonio Gates was hurt last year. Hopefully he will play much this year than he did in 2010. Spikes is a good veteran, and should start next to Kevin Burnett, assuming that he is resigned. The Chargers also have 2010 3rd rounder Donald Butler, and 2011 2nd rounder Jonas Mouton in the fold.

2011 Undrafted Free Agent signings by the Chargers.

Name Position School
Colin Baxter C Arizona
Bront Bird LB Texas Tech
Mike Blanc DE Auburn
Ramon Broadway CB Arkansas
Adrian Cannon WR Maryland
Patrick Dimarco FB South Carolina
Darryl Gamble LB Georgia
Kelly Griffin DT TCU
Cody Habben OT Washington
Stephen Harrison CB Kansas State
Vidal Hazelton WR Cincinnati
Cameron Kenney WR Oklahoma
Isaac Odim      RB Minnesota-Duluth
Travon Patterson WR Colorado
Damik Scafe DE Boston College
Giovanni Stanley WR Whittier
Brad Taylor TE Baylor
Bo Thran OT Oregon
Scott Tolzien QB Wisconsin*list taken from chargers.com