Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Random Thoughts: Karma Served?

So I started doing that 30 day song challenge thing on Facebook(I know, I know) and it actually is kind of fun. Well, today's challenge was to pick a song that reminded you of someone. Some songs remind me of a great time I have had friends, but naturally, I choose to focus on a negative time. Well, it was negative then, pretty hilarious now.

Let us take a trip back to 2003, my senior year of high school. While everyone else was socializing, driving, and getting laid, I was a recluse who spent my days playing video games, and wishing that I was part of that crowd that had seen a girl naked. I never really went out of my way to talk to girls, in part because I was a shy, acne-riddled teen with no game whatsoever. I was devoid of what the kids call "game."

Anyway, during my senior I met this girl, and I started to like her. I am sure it is because she was a non-gargoyle looking bitch, but it felt pretty good. She dug many of the bands I liked, and even liked sports a little. Suffice to say I was smitten. Naturally, I was too much of a puss to ask her out. I figured that rejection was a certainty, and I did not want to go down that road. After working up the balls for almost three months, I finally decided I was going to ask her out. I had no idea what we would do, but I figured I would take my shot. A friend I had then beat to the punch and asked her out. They are married now, and I never got my chance with this girl. Turns out I dodged a bullet.

While doing some snooping on Facebook recently, I came across this girl's profile. She was barely recognizable. From the ages of 18-26, she blew up at least 70 lbs. Hell, it could be more. Sure she has big cans like she did then, but that is about it. She is below average; I would have to be a little drunk to tackle this beast. Oh, did I mention she has a kid? Yikes, that could have been me.

Perhaps karma isn't the right word. I am sure this bitch and her gumpy little hubby are happy with the goofy-looking shit factory they created. Good for them. Do I sound a little bitter? Perhaps I am, not for myself, but for that 18-year-old that tasted defeat.

I suppose things do happen for a reason. I know that if I was married to a girl who's looks faded at just 26, and a I had a baby with said girl, I would be fucking miserable. Perhaps I would get a divorce, and have my bank account sucked dry for the next 18 years. Maybe I would not have the ability to pursue my education, and my life would become a series of crappy jobs, until, at the age of  70, where I drop dead of a heart attack. Not what I wanted out of life.

The moral of the story? Don't sweat the girls you missed out on. Sure, I loathed for many months the chance I thought I missed out on. I thought that I would never get over it. But, it seems like my laugh is better for it. I hope she enjoys the diabetes, while I have a laugh about the situation.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Chargers Offseason Moves Leave a lot to be Desired

The Chargers came out of the gate, and made a flurry of moves to start the "offseason." They resigned Eric Weddle, and Jeromey Clary to big contracts, brought in veteran Takeo Spikes, and said goodbye to a number of players. I still feel very optimistic about this team, with Philip Rivers behind center, this team always has an opportunity to compete for a title. However, there are some moves that really had me scratching my head.

First, I will address the Eric Weddle situation. Many fans have been spewing venom towards the Chargers front office since the deal was announced. Sure it is pricey, five-years, $40 million, with $19 million guaranteed. However, Weddle is a solid safety, who would have recieved the same deal somewhere else. I have no problem with the deal at all. Clary is also a serviceable right tackle. Again, offense lineman are at a premium, and the Chargers need to keep Rivers upright, since they have $92 million tied into Philip Rivers.

My issue lies in the way the linebacker and wide receiver positions have been handled. The Chargers lost both of their inside linebackers from last year, with Kevin Burnett leaving for Miami, and the Chargers appear to have little interest in retaining Stephen Cooper. They brought in 33-year-old Takeo Spikes, who is a solid player, but he is long in the tooth. The Chargers like Jonas Mouton, a 2nd round pick out of Michigan, whom they took in this years draft. He is a physical player, but only had a 5th round grade going into the draft. The Bolts also have Donald Butler, a 3rd rounder in 2010 who tore his ACL in camp last year. They really need another veteran in this group.

At the wide receiver position, we can take comfort in knowing that Vincent Jackson will be in camp. He signed his franchise tender, and will be paid $10 million in 2011. However, the Chargers have shown no interest in bringing back Malcom Floyd.  Floyd will be 30 this year, and averaged nearly 20 yards a catch last year. He is a great compliment to Jackson. Currently Floyd is still unemployed, but the Chargers are looking at another direction. The depth chart has veteran Patrick Crayton, Seyi Ajriotutu, Richard Goodman, and draft pick Vincent Brown. The Chargers really need another player here.

The Chargers also lost veteran running back Darren Sproles, who signed with New Orleans. I love Sproles, but the Chargers can give a big payday to a kick returner/3rd down back. I agree with this move.

I am pumped for Chargers football, but "The Lord of No Rings" has some more work to do. Currently, this roster does not stack up the competitive AFC.