Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lakeside trash claims Bieber fathered her child

A Lakeside woman claims that teen idol Justin Bieber fathered her child. According to an article in the San Diego Union Tribune, 20-year-old Mariah Yeater claims that they met when she attended a concert in October of 2010. She sat in the front row of the concert, and a security guard approached her and asked if she wanted to meet the Biebs. 

She then claimed, per the article, that they went for a walk and that "Bieber wanted to make love to her, and that it would be his first time." Bieber then alledgly had unprotected sex, and when she realized she was pregnant, she tried to contact him through his representatives, but her requests were rebuffed.

My first reaction was laughter, because this story is so absurd, and I also found humor that this broad is from Lakeside, which is the is the gooch of San Diego. The story is just not believeable on so many fronts.

It is obvious to me that this story is an attempt for a nobody to gain her 15 minutes of fame. Yeater has a Twitter account, in which she has amassed almost 10,000 followers. On her account he tweets such things "there's no such things as bad publicity, because you are all talking about meeeeeeee." There's also this gem of "dear haters thanks for making me famous and keep the mean tweets so my name gets out there even more.  

Clearly these are signs of a stupid whore is looking for some kind of notriety. She is 20, so I suppose that she is too old for Teen Mom, but being the slut who accused Bieber of fathering her child is sure to lead to cash coming her way, in the way of interviews and perhaps a potential bookdeal. Who knows what this broad is thinking.

I also believe the story is not believeable because, well, the chick is busted. Her default on Twitter looks like she just woke up, complete with messy hair. I would have to have a few drinks in me to plow her, and Bieber, who has his pick of any 10,000 girls at the show picks her? Really, are you trying to tell me she was the hottest girl at that show that night? Give me a break, this story reeks of bullshit. 

I am by no means a Bieber fan, but I really do not believe that he screwed this crazy broad. At least Lakeside is famous or something else besides meth and horse shit now.