Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Have I outgrown Adam Sandler?

Back in the days of my youth, Adam Sandler was my hero. He was an average-looking dude, who rose to stardom, and made some of funniest comedies of my youth. I must have seen films like "Billy Madison, "Happy Gilmore, and "The Waterboy" dozens of times over the years. Anytime a new Sandler movie hit the multiplex, I was there, and loved every movie that came out. One summer, I saw "Big Daddy" seven times, partly to the $2 theater that existed in my hometown, at that time.

Even though I am 26, and I am no longer 14, I still like a good poop joke. I still have that inter-adolescene that loves toliet humor. However, the last few Sandler movies have left a bitter taste in my mouth. Sandler has gone from the goofy, lovable, single oaf, to a successful businessman, with a wife entirely too hot for a guy like him(i.e. Selma Hayak, Kate Beckinsale). Plain-looking Katie Holmes is at least believable as a wife in his lastest flick.  "Grown-Ups" came across as a clusterfuck, with Sandler attempting to get all of his buddies in his movie. David Spade sucked on Chris Farley's tits for years, and now he is doing the same to Sandler. We get it, they are your friends, and that movie wasn't funny.

I loved "Funny People," "Reign Over Me," and "Punch-Drunk Love." In these films Sandler played dramatic roles beautifully, with a comedic blend. I think his role in "Funny People" was vastly underrated. However, Sandler continues to release crap like "Jack and Jill," which one critic called "worse than Howard the Duck." I think this film is the first Sandler flick I haven't been jazzed about seeing. Crap like "Grown Up's" and "Jack and Jill" has left a bitter taste in my mouth.

I hope Sandler continues to branch out, and do a little more serious acting. Make good movies, instead of pandering to idiots and family. Maybe I just expect more as an adult. Who knows?