Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chargers to keep Norv Turner. Really??

Imagine my despair when I made my rounds on social media this morning, only to find out that the Chargers were retaining embattled Head Coach Norv Turner for the 2012 season. It seemed just a few glorious weeks ago, after the Chargers were Tebowed at home, in overtime, that Norv had punched his ticket out of town. Norv went ultra-conservative, electing to play for a 52-yard field goal, which kicker Nick Novak missed. That debacle was a main cause of the Chargers missing the playoffs for the second straight year.

Naturally, the Chargers played well down the stretch, including an impressive blowout win of the Baltimore Ravens, a team with Super Bowl aspirations. However, the Chargers dropped a deuce at Ford Field, and were eliminated from playoff contention. The loss appeared to seal the fate of 'ole Norvie. Or so I thought.

First of all, I do not think Turner is as terrible a coach as many believe. He took the Chargers to the AFC Championship team in 2007, ya know, the game where Rivers played on a torn ACL, and LT sulked like a little bitch. Bad coaches don't win 61 percent of their games coached in San Diego. As a fan though, I believe that Norv has carried this team as far as he can.

The team plays undisciplined at times. This season, the team had a -6 turnover ratio, good enough for 24th in the NFL. Good coaches do not allow their team to play an undisciplined type of ball, which is exactly what the Chargers played in 2011. The players may love Turner, but the fans have grown tired of the excuses that Turner has made for the Chargers underwhelming efforts.

Personally, I believe that Dean Spanos wants to move the Chargers to Los Angeles. The fanbase has grown tired of the Norv saga, and season ticket holders desperately wanted a change. Some were clamoring for a big name like Jon Gruden or Jeff Fisher, while others were just hoping to see someone other than 'ole turkey neck roaming the sidelines. Dean Spanos had an opportunity to revitalize a fanbase, and instead told us all that Norv Turner gives the Chargers the "best chance to win."

Sure, Norv does give the Chargers the opportunity to give Spanos what he wants: a new stadium in Los Angeles. To hell with you, Dean Spanos.

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