Thursday, February 16, 2012

GTFO Kelly Osbourne

I will never understand the appeal of Kelly Osbourne. We, as Americans first saw her when she graced our television sets as the foul-mouthed, unattractive daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, the greatest sellout in music history. The show consisted of Ozzy wandering around, and the family throwing around curse words like they were going out of style.

Fast forward 10 years, and Kelly is still television. Sure, she released a couple of albums that no one gave two shits about, and had a stint on Dancing with the Stars. I am not sure if she can dance, because as a flaming heterosexual male, I refuse to watch that show.

Now Osbourne pollutes the airwaves, dishing out fashion advice on some show called "Fashion Police." I have stumbled upon it a few times, and it consists of Joan Rivers, Osbourne, and a collection of other homosexuals. They trash what attractive celebrities wear, and call it entertainment. I'll admit, Rivers has some pretty good one-liners, but the show is obviously for women.

I really do not understand why Osbourne is an authority on fashion. She is one of the few women I have seen who actually lost weight, and became more unattractive. I do not get her appeal, aside from the fact that she used to live in the balls of the Prince of Darkness. Hell, as much as the Kardashian hoes bug me, at least they are fun to look at. What is Kelly offering the masses? It is like the fat girls in high school telling me how unattractive the cheerleaders are.

Osbourne needs to get the hell off of television, like now. Get back to making crappy music, or just go back to England. You have run your course here.

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