Saturday, April 14, 2012

Random Thoughts: Blogs

Blogs are an interesting phenomena. Thanks to the Internet, anyone can become a writer. All you really need is an Internet connection, and fingers. Brains are often optional. I remember when I was in High School, roughly ten years ago, and my ultimate aspiration was to get paid to write about sports.

I figured the route I would take to achieve my goal would involve enrolling at a college, studying journalism, and slowly pay my dues. Well, the newspaper industry is dying a slow, painful death, and everyone blogs these days. In fact, according to statistics with Google, there are roughly 200 million blogs floating around cyberspace.

There are blogs out there for everyone, sports, fashion, porn. There is no shortage of material out there. I started this blog, in part because I felt that I had something interesting to say, and I hoped that maybe, just maybe I could make a little cash. Well, I have been blogging for 2 years, and I have yet to make a dime from it, but it has been a positive experience.

However, I wonder how people cut their teeth in this industry. I see people get all kinds of opportunities, and personally I think that they suck. Now, I know that I am no Pulitzer Prize writer, but I like to think that I bring a unique perspective to the blog community.

I look at major sites, and see laziness, lack of research, and biased reporting. I also see a shitton of spelling and punctuation errors (*cough, San Diego Union-Tribune, *cough), yet these people are getting paid a decent living to cover professional sports.

I look around, and see other bloggers gain large followings, without bringing a whole lot to the table. Right now, this blog is just a hobby, but at some point, I would like to make it into something more. Perhaps I need to learn how to kiss a little more ass, or get the right supporter behind me. These methods seem like the way to separate from the other 200 million blogs.

Blogs are a lot like the music industry these days. There is so much saturation and there are quite simply too many artists, in relation to the amount of entertainment dollars one is looking to spend. The key is not being the most talented, it is about seizing opportunity. I must find out how to do this in order to be successful in my endeavors.

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