Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MLB Player Questions My Sexuality On Twitter

I do not follow many pro athletes or celebrities on Twitter, because I learned that most of them are fucking idiots. There are a select few that are entertaining, funny, smart, or actually respond to us average folk. Ian Stewart, who plays for the Cubs seems like a good dude, so I follow him. Anyway, Stewart responds to a ton of dumb, cliched questions. How is the wrist? (He is on the DL with a wrist injury). Who is your best friend on the team? Who do you think is the Cubs best player? All questions he seems to answer repeatedly. I had never tweeted him before, so I decided to ask a random question.

I figured it would get a chuckle. I am a pretty random question, I was hoping Ian would play along. Maybe he would say something like: "Rizzo, that dude is hung like a moose," or, "Starlin Castro could hit a double with that stick in his pants." Besides, if I was forced to shower with a bunch of dudes on a daily basis, I am sure I would come into contact with a penis or seven, no matter how much I tried to avoid looking. Ian's response was this: "What kind of question is that? Are you gay or something? #clownquestionbro

I went back to the Twitter page, but Ian deleted the tweet, and there went my proof. There is some evidence  of the encounter with this tweet:

It is not as funny as the initial tweet, but it is some evidence I suppose. Perhaps Ian thought that the post might have ended up on Deadspin or something, blasting him for questioning the sexuality of world-famous blogger Kevin Charity. (I can dream, can't I). The other insults Ian delivered to "haters" were still on his page, as of today.

Like I said earlier, I pride myself on being random. Ian claims to be a married Christian men, but follows a few of the porn sluts that I do. If I was an athlete, and some dope asked me about penises of pro athletes, I know I would have a little fun with. Where is the sense of humor?

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