Wednesday, September 12, 2012

RIP John "Money" Evans

Over the last few years, I have developed "friendships" with various people online. It really started when I started this blog, at some point in July 2010. Many of them started when I called into "The Ben Maller Show' and through the subsequent social media platforms where I befriended several listeners from the show.

One of those "friends' was John "Money" Evans. Evans was a sarcastic, sometimes arrogant punk that called into show from time-to-time. Ben Maller, the host of the national radio show, often joked about how ridiculous and annoying Money's calls were. I thought they were hilarious. Probably because he reminded me of myself.

When I was 16, I too used to stay up late listening to sports radio. Hell, I probably started listening to sports-talk radio when I was in grade school. I used to always want to call, but never did until I was 23. He stayed up to all hours of the night to talk shit across 300 radio stations. The kid had balls and a great sense of humor. Evans called often, building up the Patriots and Celtics. He was a smart ass, and often had me in stitches.

I started my own sports podcast a few years ago, and Evans was one of my "regulars." He called almost every week, and actually had very good sports knowledge; more than any other kid that I can remember. The kid had a passion for sports, and I tried to talk him into pursuing journalism classes in high school and in college. He won't ever get that chance.

Young Evans died in a car crash in May, in his hometown of Fort Royal, Virginia. He was only 16. 16! I cannot even imagine losing a son, brother, or friend so young. I was lucky in that aspect. But I feel like I lost a friend today. It is kind of bizarre mourning the death of someone you never "met," but I am fighting back tears as I write this. I liked the kid.

I often wonder why and when people die. Why are some people viciously murdered, while others go in their sleep. Why terrible people lead charmed lives, and some slave away, only to be poor and miserable. Life often makes no sense to me. This is one of those times.

I cannot fathom a bright kid with so much potential passing away so young. There are no explanations, no rationalizations to fit the occasion. 16 is much too soon for someone to lose their life. RIP Johhny, hopefully someday you and I can talk sports again. John called my podcast from time-to-time, and you can listen here. RIP 'Lil Buddy, we will catch a game together someday.


  1. This was nice. Karen

  2. Davis from Oregon here. I remember how Money Evans and I spurred a "league" of kid callers to Ben's show. This is really sad.

  3. This is sad to hear, as a guy who has been in 3 accidents including one today be careful.. stay safe.