Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hardcore Pawn sets back black people 50 years

Recently I have stumbled upon the Tru Tv gem that is Hardcore Pawn. It is essentially Jerry Springer meets Pawn Stars. The show takes place in the ghetto of Detroit, and features those who "iz hustlin to get dem few dollas." The show features idiots, and possible drug addicts trying to pawn their used crap, in hopes to "hold some ends" until payday comes along.

The show prominently features the black community, which isn't that far-fetched, as Detroit is 80% black, according to the 2010 census. However, most of the people are featured in a very unflattering light.

For example, one obviously homosexual black man came into the shop, looking for $400 for his crappy television. When Les Gold, the Pawn Shop owner offered him $100, dude hit the fan. He started spouting out idle threats, filled with profanity. Others complained about the length of the line, and of course the folks featured were black. Naturally.

The show is your ultimate trash television, yet I find it hilarious. If it isn't the Oompa-Loompa looking daughter Ashley, the pseudo-homosexual son Seth, or old man Les, with his obnoxious haircut. Dude, you are bald up top, cut the shit, and lose the ponytail! However, for some reason, I find it engrossing. Who doesn't love seeing a whole city, and ethnicity be embarrassed on the reg. I am sure the show is staged, I mean can that many nutjobs frequent one establishment?

I am really surprised that there isn't more upheaval about the show. It attracts around 3 million viewers a week, and is blatantly racist, in my opinion. Sure, white folks act a fool from time-to-time, but it is our African-American friends who are featured more prominently. What do you guys think, racist or not?

Chargers to keep Norv Turner. Really??

Imagine my despair when I made my rounds on social media this morning, only to find out that the Chargers were retaining embattled Head Coach Norv Turner for the 2012 season. It seemed just a few glorious weeks ago, after the Chargers were Tebowed at home, in overtime, that Norv had punched his ticket out of town. Norv went ultra-conservative, electing to play for a 52-yard field goal, which kicker Nick Novak missed. That debacle was a main cause of the Chargers missing the playoffs for the second straight year.

Naturally, the Chargers played well down the stretch, including an impressive blowout win of the Baltimore Ravens, a team with Super Bowl aspirations. However, the Chargers dropped a deuce at Ford Field, and were eliminated from playoff contention. The loss appeared to seal the fate of 'ole Norvie. Or so I thought.

First of all, I do not think Turner is as terrible a coach as many believe. He took the Chargers to the AFC Championship team in 2007, ya know, the game where Rivers played on a torn ACL, and LT sulked like a little bitch. Bad coaches don't win 61 percent of their games coached in San Diego. As a fan though, I believe that Norv has carried this team as far as he can.

The team plays undisciplined at times. This season, the team had a -6 turnover ratio, good enough for 24th in the NFL. Good coaches do not allow their team to play an undisciplined type of ball, which is exactly what the Chargers played in 2011. The players may love Turner, but the fans have grown tired of the excuses that Turner has made for the Chargers underwhelming efforts.

Personally, I believe that Dean Spanos wants to move the Chargers to Los Angeles. The fanbase has grown tired of the Norv saga, and season ticket holders desperately wanted a change. Some were clamoring for a big name like Jon Gruden or Jeff Fisher, while others were just hoping to see someone other than 'ole turkey neck roaming the sidelines. Dean Spanos had an opportunity to revitalize a fanbase, and instead told us all that Norv Turner gives the Chargers the "best chance to win."

Sure, Norv does give the Chargers the opportunity to give Spanos what he wants: a new stadium in Los Angeles. To hell with you, Dean Spanos.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Alas, 2011 has ended, and 2012 is upon us. Some us think that the world is going to end this year, so I suppose we had better live it up! Anyway, a new year means that people make New Year's resolutions. Personally, I have never put much stock in it, partly because I am stubborn and lazy. I suppose people think that a new year presents the opportunity to make changes. Perhaps lose weight, quit smoking, or watch less TV. I can't remember the last time I actually made a resolution. To me, all of the days bleed together. January 2, 2012 pretty much feels the same as December 13, or any other day on the calendar. My life progresses, and a simple flip of the calendar does nothing to motivate or energize me. My goals are still the same: finish up my BA in communication, work and make a decent living, and hope that some person offers me money to write for a living.

For those of you who do make resolutions, what are they? An article in the PJ Star says the five most popular resolutions are: to lose weight, travel, save money, quit smoking/drinking, and keep in touch with friends/family. Essentially, Americans are a bunch of fat smokers, who burn through money, and want to travel.

Sure, I would like to lose weight, but a new year doesn't motivate me. I have no desire to ever leave America, although traveling to cities in the United States has always seemed cool. I don't smoke or drink, so I am good there. Saving money is difficult, but I always make an effort, and if I am not connected to you, then you probably aren't worth my time.

None of the "common" resolutions appeal to me. I guess I just hope to keep the momentum I've been building in my personal life going in 2012. Keep the good job I have, save a little more money, and get my degree. I am close to finally becoming a "real" adult, albeit at age 26. The year has changed, but my goals stay the same. No resolutions are necessary.