Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fuck you, Shareece Wright!

Shareece Wright, a cornerback for the San Diego Chargers, created quite the scene on Twitter the other night. Wright, who just completed his rookie season with the Bolts, commented on how great downtown LA would look with a brand new football stadium. The quote was innocent enough, but he ended his comment with the hashtag #losangeleschargers.

Naturally, this created quite a stir on the social network site, and Wright soon became a trending topic in San Diego. He then blamed the fans for games being blacked out on television, and said that fans shouldn't blame him for bringing up the fact that the team could move to Los Angeles.

Everyone in San Diego knows that is a distinct possibility. Hell, critics like me see it as inevitability. The fact that Wright played at USC, doesn't take the sting out of his comments for me. He should know better that popping off a sensitive subject.

The fans on Twitter ripped him apart. It isn't difficult to do. Hell, the dude has a feminine first name, and couldn't get on the field. He played in only six games this year, and it was not because of injury. Naturally, the little girl ran from Twitter, deleting his account, as if the error never happened.

His comments got under my skin. Sure, we all know that San Diego had difficulty selling out the stadium. Naturally, those games were when the team sunk to the bottom of the AFC West with a six game losing streak. However, it wasn't like the team was playing in a half empty stadium. Overall, this town does care deeply about the Bolts, but this is also a transplant town. Sure, the fanbase is pretty fickle, but the team has the support to stay in San Diego.

I hate to root against players on my team, but I wouldn't mind seeing Wright released in training camp. Take your feminine name, and get the hell out of my town, and take your stupid ass to that dump we call Los Angeles.