Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Features I'd like to see in a baseball video game

I am a big baseball geek. I am sure that if you have been reading my material, you probably already know this. I also love baseball video games. Ever since I played RBI Baseball on the original NES, I have been hooked. As a PlayStation consumer, I love MLB the Show now. It is the most realistic, and fun sports game out there today. I look forward to each March, when the game is released, and it nearly flawless. However, there are features that I have not seen in an MLB game recently, that should be incorporated into subsequent releases.

  • Expansion Mode: I always thought it would be cool to build a team from scratch. A gamer could place a team in Las Vegas, Portland, or even in Fargo, North Dakota. From there, an expansion draft is held, purging prospects and veterans from the other teams. Once the expansion draft is held, you can sign free agents, and draft and develop your own prospects. I have always dreamed of becoming a GM, and building a team from scratch has always seemed fun. I would think that my other baseball-loving nerds would love this feature. I wonder why it has never made it into a video game console.

  • Design a Stadium: This feature was featured in the old MVP Baseball '05, but has not shown up in a game since. The templates they had to use were very basic, and the stadiums a player could were very generic. It would be fun if they had more templates to use, in addition to incorporating elements from other stadiums. How about the Western Metal Supply in left field, with the backdrop of the Pittsburgh skyline, in addition to an ivy-covered Green Monster? Seems pretty great to me, especially with my proposed expansion mode.

  • Deeper, more realistic drafts: The MLB draft is 50 rounds. In MLB the show, the draft is 5 rounds, and usually does not last that long, due to lack of players. I don't think a 50 round draft is necessary, but perhaps 10 rounds would do. The talent in the drafts always seems to be lackluster, and it seems near impossible to find a speedy centerfielder, or a player who is not a complete disaster in the fields. A deeper, more realistic draft would give a player the ability to build a contender from the draft. Also, a mode where users could sign international free agents would be awesome as well.
These are just a few of the ideas I have to spruce up an already great baseball game. What changes would you like to see? Leave em in the comments!