Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How Does Rob Dibble Keep Getting Work?

I was pretty bummed when Fox Sports Radio decided to part ways with Tony Bruno. Bruno made a slightly racist comment, and Bruno moved back to Philly. In his place, they put in Mike North, who has the vocabulary and speech skills of a 6th grader, as well as Rob Dibble. Dibble, was a former MLB relief pitcher, and has steadily found work as a broadcaster ever since he retired.

For those of you who have been reading my work since I started this blog, I took shots at JT the Brick, who's shtick on the national airwaves had grown stale. Rob Dibble makes JT the Brick look like a Rhodes scholar. Dibble has that tough-guy look: unkempt facial hair, homosexual-looking tribal tats, and brings zero personality or humor to the airwaves.

I remember Dibble as the color analyst of the Nationals. He was the absolute worst announcer I have ever heard in my life. Every time a National got a hit, Dibble would cheer like that annoying drunk guy we have all sat next to. He was eventually fired after making comments, questioning the toughness of Nats ace Stephen Strasburg.

Dibble also drew the ire of Nats fans today, after Nationals manager Davey Johnson suggested that Stephen Strasburg got Icy-Hot on his nutsack accidentally. It does make sense, as it seems that would be the only way the Padres could pound Strasburg. Dibble suggested that Strasburg should wipe down his ballsack with a tampon. Strasburg was not even the party that made the excuse-it was his manager Davey Johnson. Dibble clearly has a sort of personal vendetta against the talented right-hander.

Dibble's radio show is as exciting as a funeral. He is monotone, and I laugh when he tries to talk anything other than baseball. I cannot fathom how he has a show on Fox Sports Radio. He is barely fit for local radio, and should be shit-canned. Go away, Dibble, and take JT with you.