Monday, May 6, 2013

The Anatomy Of An Unfollow

Twitter is one of my guilty pleasures and I would say that I am slightly addicted to it. It is an easy way to get instant updates of what is going on in the world. During a big sporting event fans and media types will send out their thoughts of the events that transpired. It truly is an amazing invention.

I started a Twitter account as a means to promote some of my blogs, but it has turned into a lot for me. I have formed friendships, gotten interviews with professional athletes and I have connected with readers of my writing. Sure, I may never make a living writing, but my blogs have given people all over the world a reason to chuckle. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

Twitter is just as fun as a way to socialize. The use of hashtags and topics allows users to connect with people who share similar interests. All one has to do is hit follow and all of that persons thoughts and statements appear on your computer screen. You can "mention" them and interact within an instant. It is like some weird, creepy bond when two people mutually follow each other. Oh, but the euphoria isn't always as it seems. Sometimes the other person decides to unfollow, which makes one feel as if their world has just crumbled.

Since I started on Twitter, I have amassed close to 700 followers, which isn't that many, considering other bloggers like myself have thousands. I would venture to say that 300-400 others have unfollowed me for some reason or another. Generally, I follow back anyone that follows me first. I hope, in part, that it is another eyeball to view this blog.

Whenever I am unfollowed, I will admit is a bit of a blow to the ego. Essentially, a person is telling you "You aren't worth my time, I am going to stop stalking you." For me, it takes someone to be annoying to no end - I usually rarely unfollow. However, it got me to thinking: Why do people on Twitter unfollow one another?

In my case, I am assuming it is my vulgarity. I tweet about a variety of disgusting and offensive topics such as: peeing in the sink, hairy balls, my asshole, shitting, farting, 80's sitcoms and boobs among others. I think I am a pretty funny guy and I am entertaining.

However, people unfollow each other daily. Connections are broken and timelines are emptied. I have often wondered what goes through the heads of people when they hit that unfollow button. I took to Twitter to ask  some of the fine folks. Here are some of the answers I got.:

@MeganJ_28: "anyone who is an extremist on war, gays, guns, politics etc on either side of the spectrum. Don't preach to me"

@AmyLou942: "unwanted cock pics" (mine weren't unwanted)

@saucywhite: "when chicks turn down my sexual advances."

@HFSPodcast: "Filling my timeline with drivel is grounds for an unfollow."

Interesting stuff. Essentially, I have been offending or annoying people over the last few years. I have been blocked by countless people as well. Twitter is an interesting site, with all types of weirdos.

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