Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tim Lambesis Did WHAT???

What. The. Fuck?

That was my initial reaction when I heard that As I Lay Dying vocalist Tim Lambesis was arrested yesterday, on a charge that he allegedly hired a hitman to kill his ex-wife. Oh, that so-called "hitman" was an undercover cop.

According to the various reports, the police have been on the trail of Lambesis' murderous endeavor for quite awhile. In a report, the police say that they prevented a "great tragedy." Wow.

As I Lay Dying has been one of the most influential metal bands of the 2000's. They were nominated for a Grammy in 2007, for Best Metal Performance, for the song "Nothing Left." They have had three albums debut in the Top 15 on the Billboard charts and have played at some of the largest festivals in the world. The band formed in my hometown of San Diego, California.

As I Lay Dying is known as a Christian heavy metal band, as they write lyrics that are based upon their religious beliefs and their struggles within. The evidence certainly looks bad at the present time and I have tried to approach the situation from multiple angles.

First, is Lambesis that stupid AND crazy? I have no idea on the methods of hiring a contract killer. I mean, I do not think that you can find someone to whack your wife on Craig's List. Do you ask around? Just look for the craziest motherfucker you can find? How many people did he solicit before stumbling on an undercover cop? Pretty sloppy, Mr. Lambesis.

Next, how did the cops know what Lambesis was up to? Did he make threats against his ex-wife that led her to report her trepidation to the police? Did someone that Lambesis confide in go to the cops? Someone had to rat in this situation for the cops do know about the situation.

Then we get to motives. Lambesis is a pretty wealthy dude. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lambesis has a net worth of $14 million. He owns a home in Del Mar, a very affluent suburb of San Diego. A divorce would wipe out half of his net worth. Money will make people do fucked up things.

Perhaps she was a crazy bitch. Maybe she had affairs with all kinds of guys while As I Lay Dying was out on tour. Maybe she was a gold digger, who hoped to get a piece of all the work and sacrifice Tim put in to make it as a musician. It is nearly impossible to make a living making extreme music, but As I Lay Dying defied the odds.

Ultimately, Lambesis' wife is the victim here. No one deserves to have their life ended by murder. If Lambesis did in fact, solicit the murder, he deserves the harshest penalty possible. Man, my head is still spinning.

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  1. Honestly, I felt the same. At a loss for words seeing such an influential man do something so pathetic.
    I used to look up to the guy, he writes some good music, but apparently he doesn't quite put his heart where his mouth is.
    If you don't like your wife or have any reason to condemn her, just let her get her divorce and go, don't try and kill her. Isn't forgiveness one of the topics in AILD lyrics?