Sunday, May 12, 2013

Titus Young Might Be The Dumbest Man Alive

If you have not been following all of the drama surrounding former Lions WR Titus Young, then you are missing out on a sad, but funny story.

Young, who is still just 23, was a second round pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. He attended Boise State and looked at one time like he might be an excellent compliment to Calvin Johnson. But alas, the stupidity of Titus Young took over and he will never sniff the NFL again.

Young has been arrested three times...this week. No, I am not making that up. Young has achieved feats in stupidity and crime that most of us could never accomplish.

Earlier this week, Young was busted for DUI. While a DUI is one of the crimes I loath the most, his subsequent arrests really hit the funny button.

You see, because of the DUI, Young had his car impounded, which is a pretty normal procedure when you get busted for driving with a belly fully of Fireball and Hennessy. Young was then arrested a few days later, when he try to steal his own car from the impound lot. According to Pro Football Talk, Young was spotted on security cameras attempting to scale a fence.

Then, just last night, Young was arrested in San Clemente, California(a beautiful place by the way) for burglary, assault on a police officer and resisting arrest. The incident was reported when a woman phoned the authorities found Young outside of her home. A "brief" police pursuit ensued and Young ultimately ended up in handcuffs.

Young, has destroyed a career and pissed away opportunities must of us would kill for. While with the Lions, he once lined up on the wrong side of the field in protest and punched a teammate. The dude is obviously an idiot and a low-life.

Perhaps the biggest reason he was cut was not for the off-field transgressions, but for his obvious lack of talent. I mean, the guy could not even outrun the police. Young is supposed to be a world-class athlete, but he could not outrun the flabby belly of the law. Come on son, step up your game. You're fucked, buddy!

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