Friday, May 24, 2013

Jose Canseco Is A Colossal Piece of Shit

Jose Canseco is a horrible person. He is ignorant, narcissistic,delusional and psychotic. He is the has-been who charges hundreds of dollars for autographs and challenges other washed-up celebrities to fights. He has not played Major League Baseball in 12 years, yet still claims he can hit 40 homers. Sure, buddy.

Jose Canseco also has a verified Twitter account -- one that boasts over 500,000 followers. What can I say:  people like train wrecks. I was one of those followers until Jose blocked me, after I called him a cunt for posting his ex-girlfriend's address on Twitter.

Canseco has been busy these days -- he plays for the Fort Worth Cats, an independent baseball team that plays in something called the United Baseball League. I am sure the dopes who own the team think that the poster-boy for cheaters might put a few more butts in the seats. To his credit, Canseco has found steady work in independent league baseball for years. He won't give it up, because, well what else is he going to? Box? Star in reality shows? Nope, playing baseball against sub-standard talent is all he has left.

In the latest Canseco news, he has been questioned in a sexual assault case in Las Vegas, where Canseco currently resides. The news was made public when Canseco took to Twitter to announce the information himself. It was not leaked by the media, nor the police, but Canseco made an announcement under his own volition. If you were being investigated for sexual assault, would you feel compelled to announce it to the world?

To make matters worse, Canseco posted the name of the alleged victim and challenged her to take a polygraph test. Canseco has yet to be arrested or charged for any crime. Could it be possible that Canseco  made up the whole thing for attention? Who knows?

Canseco did an interview with 105.3 The Fan, based out of Dallas. When the hosts asked Canseco about the sexual assault, he hung up.(The interview can be heard here). Later, Canseco's agent explained that Canseco did not want to talk about the case. Okay, dude, you can share it with the world via Twitter, but cannot answer the question in a radio interview? Sure, makes a lot of sense.

For what is worth, I predicted that Canseco would end up incarcerated at some point. He has some weird obsession with an ex. He has even posted her contact information several times via Twitter My followers and I predicted a murder-suicide was inevitable. An accusation of sexual assault comes as no surprise to me. I hope the charges are false and no woman was exposed to his minuscule genitals against her own free will.

Canseco is a vile, delusional creature. Jose claims he can still mash, but hit a robust .194 in 2012 for the Worcester Tornadoes, who play in something called the Canadian-American Association. He has played in Yuma, Arizona and Laredo, Texas in recent years. The fact that Canseco thinks he can still play professional baseball is quite laughable.

Hopefully Canseco just goes away soon -- the freakshow is losing its luster.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Is This Progress?

As I have documented here, I am still battling Social Anxiety Disorder, as well as mild depression. I got off of the wagon with treatments and medication, but I feel like I am focused and I plan on kicking my issues square in the balls.

One of the things that my therapist recommended, was to attend a class that essentially taught students methods on combating their issues. So far, I am not sure if the class is really going to benefit me, but will continue through it with an open mind.

For one thing, I am the youngest person in the class by at least 15 years. 75% of the people are probably in their 60's. These people are dealing with some pretty severe issues -- one that makes my phobia of socializing seem pretty trivial. One poor older lady is having suicidal thoughts over the loss of her husband. Another has not been able to find work for months. One lady is dealing with a marriage that crumbled over her husband's love of violence towards her and her children. My problems really do not matter, at least compared to them.

In the class, the therapist asked me one of the problems that I was looking to fix. I told him that about my lack of self-confidence and how I am perceived of others. Like many others who suffer from my issue, I actually have a high regard for myself. I think I am awesome, however, for some strange reason I feel as if others will only point fingers at me.

One of the things that I am trying to do, is to find and meet people dealing with the same type of anxiety and phobia's that I am. My doctor suggested that I try Meetup, which is a site that forms groups base upon common interests. There are a few for social anxiety, so it might be beneficial to swap stories and potentially forge new friendships. Over the last year, I learned that one cannot bitch about their predicament if they do nothing to change it. I am determined to become a happier, more well-rounded person. I am also determined to show the world what a unique and great person I am. So here I go...