Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ian Stewart Suspended Indefinitely By Cubs

Ian Stewart, a one-time prospect with the Colorado Rockies, was suspended indefinitely for comments he made, criticizing the Chicago Cubs.

Stewart, who made the inflammatory statements via Twitter, has since apologized. However, the damage is already done and Stewart could be forced to forfeit a partial amount of his $2 million salary.

Stewart seems like a pretty interesting guy, although he is obviously not the brightest crayon in the box. He often engages fans in conversation and does respond to the constant trolls. He tweets about pro wrestling more than a grown man should, but is guilty of venting his professional and personal frustrations via social networking.

Stewart, who is still just 28, has dealt with a wrist injury that has hampered him the last few seasons. He hit 25 homers in 2009, with the Rockies, but has not been able to replicate that success since.

The Cubs exiled Stewart to AAA Iowa and he has not hit much since his demotion. Stewart is just a frustrated guy who probably should have deleted his Twitter account a few days ago. It could have saved himself an embarrassing situation.

I had a bit of a run-in with Stewart, via Twitter. I jokingly asked him what Cubs player 'has the biggest dong?' He responded with the 'are you gay' question. The hilarity of that incident can be read here.

The incident also makes the Cubs look kind of petty. The guy is clearly venting out of frustration. He is seeing his dream slowly die and he responded to a question with an honest answer. This is partially the reason athletes speak in cliches. Interesting to see what the fallout will be.