Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Jaguars Need Johnny Manziel

The Jacksonville Jaguars are vanilla ice cream, Ned Flanders and Matlock all rolled into one. The Jags are the most boring team in the NFL. They have no identity, no one in Florida has any interest. The NFL never gives the team a chance to play on Sunday or Monday night football, as they are ratings poison.

Maurice Jones-Drew has been the identity of the team the last few years, but he has since moved on. Mark Brunell is in a retirement home and Jimmy Smith is playing prison league football. The team is starless. The Jaguars owner, Shahid Kahn has committed to playing a home game in London every year, in hopes that a soccer and monarchy-crazed nation will become a second hometown for his crappy team. Hell, may the will move there. No one in Florida would care.  However, the Jaguars can become the talk of the NFL, boost jersey and ticket sales, in addition to receiving a sickening amount of airtime on ESPN with one action: They could draft Johnny Manziel. No, let me rephrase that: The Jacksonville Jaguars NEED Manziel.

I don't claim to be an expert on NFL passers. I cannot breakdown film like a Jon Gruden or Ron Jaworski, but I do understand the concept of star power. Tim Tebow is the worst quarterback I ever saw, and I lived through the Ryan Leaf/Craig Whelihan era of San Diego Chargers football. However, Tebow was an amazing college player, with a devoted and possibly insane fan base. Despite being out of the NFL, Tebow is as popular a personality as there is in the NFL, and that includes guys like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

Manziel's appeal could be just as great. His legacy was born when he went into Alabama and won as a redshirt freshman for Texas A & M. He won the Heisman on spectacular plays, hard-nosed grit, and remarkable athleticism.

Manziel is also a love/hate type of player. Some "experts" say that he is far and away the best player in the draft, while some others have said he is a third round talent, at best. For me, he is a guy with natural ability, toughness, swagger and star appeal.

Many fans have chastised him, because he is too cocky. Umm, if you were his age, with his talent, you'd be cocky too. Besides, name an athlete that isn't cocky.

If the Texans pass up on Manziel, he will be right there for the taking at #3 for Jacksonville. Sure, there are other guys available that might be stars, but Manziel automatically makes the boring old Jaguars interesting. Plus, he might be the best player in the draft. Sounds like a winning combination to me.

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